Enchanted Entrapments

Now available!

It’s finally here! Now available in both e-book and paperback at all your favorite retailers. Order your copy today through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, and more!

Containing 15 short fantasy stories ranging from the whimsical to the dark, urban to epic, Enchanted Entrapments will transport you to a world of magic & wonder. Start your fall reading list off right!

These are tales of beauty, magic, and the otherworldly—stories of men and women ensnared by the charm of the occult, the allure of the fae, and the bids of nymphs.

Some of these tales lead down a whimsical, magical path towards love and light, while others lead to dark magic, treacherous worlds, and demonic entities.

Be prepared to enter the world of magic, where all is not what it appears, but be wary, for many never return.